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October 09, 2006


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I loved this post. It’s so true: We all wish we could better understand what are dogs are thinking, but we can’t. Dogs pick up on things very quickly though, I’m amazed how they learn so quickly with repetition. For instance, every time it’s bath time around our house (I have two toy rat Terriers: Rudy and Lizzy) I say, “It’s bath time.” And I walk to the hallway closet and grab the dog towel. Rudy my oldest dog runs away to his crate. He hates baths and I don’t understand why? Lizzy, my youngest dog loves baths. When I say those words and grab the towel out of the closet she starts jumping up and down and is so excited.

You are correct dogs don’t learn commands or specific words through lecture, but it’s repetition by the words and the same actions you do every time. I show them what I want or what’s going to happen next and they know what to expect…they are truly amazing animals.


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