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November 16, 2006


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Stanley Lajeuness

I'm so sorry to bother with this but like a lot of people my dog is my baby he goes literally everywhere with me in the summer I leave the cert running and he gets a bottle of water he has learned how to drink out of a sports bottle without getting it everywhere but unfortunately I cannot afford to take him to the vet but lately he has been whining and pawing at his ears mainly the left naturally we thought ear mites but they are very clean and have no odor from what I'm told that they would be very dirty and have an odor can anyone give me an idea of what to do to check what's wrong I he has only done this a few times but I don't want him in any discomfort at all thank you for taking time toread this and thank you for any advice given


Hello, Stanley,

This could be anything from bad allergies (sometimes they break out inside the ear canal instead of elsewhere on the skin, like you might think) to a foreign object down in the ear canal.

I don't know how to sort this out without actually looking in the ear with a scope.

I would not put any medicine in the ear, as if the eardrum is damaged, it could get into the middle ear and damage it.

Sorry I don't have a way to help you long distance on this.


Hello Doctor, Guess you stopped posting in 2015, but YOUR site is unequaled/ the best!
Learned somthing about ear problems & etc too. My cat was treated by a vet for mites with antibiotic, chlorhexidine flush and silver sulfadiazine 1% cream on outer ear flap 2X daily for about 4 weeks now.
Unfortunately he kept shaking his head badly,
the ear kept bleeding & I now wrap gauze bandage over ear but keeps bleeding What do now ? Guess to new vet/ amputate ear flap :(


Hello, Susan,
Thanks for your kind words. I'm working on a few post topics now.

There's got to be something going on besides mites.

Unless your cat has skin cancer in his ear, I doubt that amputation will be necessary. However, it does sound like it's time to seek a second opinion.

If this were a dog, we'd be on pain medications for a situation like this, but there are so few that a cat can take on a continuing basis.

I do think that something is being missed somehow when you discuss no improvement in four weeks.


Hello Doc- Thank you for response. My white cat had to have part of both ear flaps removed due to tumors. We're on week 2 with new vets oral medication & stitches will be removed in 1 more week. He's doing beautifully and 98% very relaxed and happy (e collar he does a bit of head shaking probably just habit or stitch- itch) Whew! :)


Hello, Susan,
Sorry to hear about the tumors, but glad to hear that the problem is now handled (or almost).

Best wishes.


Hello again Doc,
We were told my all-white short haired cat had tumors on both ears & most of both ear flaps had to be surgically removed. We're about 7 days thru of 10 days of home followup cream treatment again after minor ear edge infection & Clavamox antibiotic. He looks pretty good (ecollar or he'll scratch at ear again) Do you feel white cats are more susceptible to ear tumor regrowth? I really can't afford further checkups or treatment.What's your opinion please?


Hello, Susan,

There are some cases where we believe that sun exposure in a white cat may be contributing to the development of squamous cell carcinoma.

Cancer is a very complex disease, and cases do not have to "follow the book".

I really cannot give you a definite answer, even if I had examined your cat.

The doctor who is actually seeing your cat is usually your best resource.

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