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January 15, 2007


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Steve Mays

Could you comment a bit more on rawhide chews. Once they get wet and soft, it seems they can cause some blockage if swollowed whole.

And the kind with the faux knot (to make them look like bones) seem like they could be a problem. Advice?

Diana Guerrero

Great commentary. Yep would be nice if they could read. Nasty pics from your other post. Yikes!

Recently I had some destructive chewers that ate absolutely everything...not just the house and yard...even the sterilized bones on the market that I find (usually) fairly indestructible.

These dogs ate through everything within one night consistently. I pulled out all the veteran pet industry products. The only thing they would NOT chew were plastic water bottles--they just carried them around and crunched them for the noise.

Back to the bones, knuckles are the only ones I can really say work for destructive chewers. I won't use those massive cow shin bones anymore after seeing what these last two dogs managed.

--and the rawhide question in the comments?

I forbid any of my animal behavior clients to use them based on the risk of blockages and choking.

Sometimes you can get away with the pressed (reconstituted) variety but there are too many problems with rawhide--and some are treated with formaldehyde.

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