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January 06, 2007


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First I should appreciate you for taking care of your dog this much.I am having one dog in my home.I have to do some thing for his weight.Thanks fro your tips.Very interesting to read.

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Very interesting article.I should take care of my pappy more.Nowadays his weight is increasing more.Thanks for your tips.Let me do thie with my pappy.


Here's a big tip for you: Test your dogs for selenium levels. We recently found out that many of the products used in feeds are "naturally" high in selenium, to the point of toxicity. Could be the answer for grain allergies, lameness, and maybe a hundred or more "mysterious" symptoms.

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Thanks for writing a blog for dog weight loss as dog lovers knows how much painful it is to see their playful dog as a lethergic one for gainign weight.


I am not removing this comment, but for those of you who are giving technical advice, I will need to see your credentials to take you seriously. A google search is not scientific research.

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Nice article....I will take care of my puppy.....

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I wouldn't give my dog a weight loss drug.

The better solution is to lower the amount of food.

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When dogs become overweight, it can hurt them to walk and exercise,
resulting in more weight gain, she said. Overweight dogs also can
develop arthritis and hip dysplasia.

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That is something, a weight loss drug for pets?? the owners are probably overweight also.

Why not just do the same thing as weight loss for people, watch your diet and a little exercise works wonders.

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