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May 21, 2007


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i own a english springer spaniel that had respitory problems. to make a long story short. after 1500.00 at the emergency vet i had to take her to purdue vet care where she underwent emergency surgery. they had to cut out the paricardium, several lobes of the lungs, cut open the lungs and scrape out the infection. 4 days later and 8000.00 she is on the road to recovery and will becoming home in 6 days. until this happened i never heard of this problem. i will defiently pay more attention to the area where she hunts.

sarah terry

I own. 5 year old shihtzu and he got a foxtail right in the corner of his eye it has been a couple days and his eye is goopy and obviously irritated but we don't know how to get it out because there is hair tangled on it!!! What should i do???


Hello, Sarah,

Manipulating the foxtail could damage the eye if the dog is not really still. This will probably require sedation.

Even if you are successful in removing the foxtail, it is very likely that the cornea is already damaged and needs medical attention.

"bug-eyed" dogs have a lot of trouble with the healing of corneal ulcers.

You really need to see your veterinarian.

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