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May 22, 2007


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Hey Doc, , I posted a question awhile back about my dog Sonny, and his Aural Hematoma woes[sounds like a song],. Well, he did have a second surgery, and the vet slashed his ear full of holes to build up scar tissue and it drained all over my house for the two weeks it took to heal.....now his ear is furring up beautifully, and a roadmap of scars on the underside of the flap. He's back to stealing laundry and mooching cookies. Again, thank you for your advice,in trying times its nice to know people care. Carry On, Darlene.. in North Bay


If that were a song, I think I'd call it "The Aural Hematoma Blues"

"I woke up this morning, my ear was swol' up like a toad; Woke up this morning, my ear was swol' up like a toad; Wasn't shakin', wasn't scratchin', just appeared like it growed.
I got dem ol' aural hematoma blues."

Thanks for the kind words.

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