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May 05, 2007


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Kathy Kennedy

My 6 y/o female Boxer has had at least 4 consectutive bladder infections,last antibiotic was Batril. No masses, stones, or abnormalities on US. Any ideas?


Hello, Kathy,

There is always a reason, but sometimes it's tough to figure out. I'm no urologist, but what they have told me in similar cases is to get a culture before starting the antibiotic, when finishing the antibiotic (two weeks minimum), and two weeks later.

You also look for urine retention, incomplete emptying of the bladder.

It's good to encourage lots of fluid intake so that the bladder empties frequently to wash things down the urethra more often.

When I have cases like this I feel the need to consult a veterinary urologist (and I am certainly not a specialist).

Good luck.

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