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June 13, 2007


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I have two kittens, about 14 weeks old now, one male and one female. Though they are siblings, I'm well aware that they could mate someday if I don't get them fixed soon enough (but I don't want to do it too soon). I remember another female kitten I had who we had to keep inside and alone because she went into heat a couple of times before she was technically supposed to be spayed (maybe at 6 months?), and I'm worried this might happen now and I'll wind up with kittens. When do you recommend that they get fixed? Are there any warning signs I should look for and keep them separated?


Hello, Anna,

You can have the cats "fixed" as early as four months. This should be well ahead of even the most precocious onset of puberty. There is no evidence of increased risk in doing the surgery at four months, versus six.

Thanks for reading and writing.


I have a question my female got mated 4 times before her fix date. And the date she mated was the 23rd of november. What IA the possibility of her being pregnant cause she's not showing any signs yet. Her nipples are still normal. Her feeding habit has increased a little. When was already a affectionate cat and that ain't increased or chance. This coming up Wednesday would being 3 weeks. And she ain't gone back in heat yet. When she was every other week.


Many cats quit cycling in the winter time, so the lack of cycling doesn't necessarily mean she is pregnant. It's pretty unusual to be cycling in November, as far as that goes.
On the other hand, when they get bred, they usually get pregnant. It wouldn't show much before four or five weeks in a lot of cats.
Ultrasound at four weeks would be the way to tell.

If you were planning on having her spayed and getting the kitten works removed anyway, you could still do it now.

Thanks for reading and writing.

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