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June 01, 2007


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Loved this post!


This post was so true (and funny). People do seem to immediately question their dog (or cats) diet when they eat weird things. Any suggestions for getting pets to stop doing this?


Hello, Kristin,

I wish I had the answer to that one. Full-time nanny supervision might work, but not practical.

Thanks for reading and writing.


Why is it that dogs want to eat anything and everything? You said, "... the good feeling you get when you swallow a handful of rocks." Does it really feel good to them? I was an anemic child and craved baked beans whenever my anemia was bad. Just curious. Thanks!



Hello, Emmy,

I am afraid that I was just being a smart-aleck. I have no idea how it feels to the dog.

I am probably most astonished by the dog who re-ingested the brillo pad after vomiting it up. That could NOT have felt good.

I'd be better off to just say, "it's a dog thing".

Thanks for reading and writing.

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