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June 24, 2007


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The comment about the vet not wanting to be seen as a "sissy" is an unprofessional one, and surprising coming from a vet. "Sissy" is a derogatory term from "sister" and is ultimately meant to put down females. Not being a "sissy" means not being weak, and obviously females are strong, as we are the ones who give birth. So I would appreciate the analysis without the derogatory terms. If animals were denied pain medication, with vets full-well knowing they were in pain, it only shows how much we have benefitted from vet medicine becoming more female-dominated, which in this case means more compassionate. There's nothing "sissy" about that.


If you will note the context, I said "he was afraid the old-timers would think he was a sissy." I am specifically referring to an out-moded and un-informed mindset. The whole point of the post is how wrong this was. I am sorry that you have zeroed in on one word and misconstrued this as a slam toward feminism. None was intended, and, in my opinion, none was present. Our profession now has more women than men and they are good veterinarians.

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