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July 13, 2007


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Yes, my new cat from the shelter went to the vet today and I got a warning that she's pretty chubby. I mentioned to the vet that I measure her (dry)food and give her exactly the amount listed on the label. He said he usually recommends that people with inside cats feed about half to 2/3 of what the label says.


Recommendations on the bag are rough guidelines only. The manufacturers certainly don't want any consumers to actually lose weight when feeding the recommended amounts. That would indicate that it somehow wasn't "nutritious enough". Most recommendatios are excessive. However, I have seen very active puppies who were very thin because the owners were so scrupulous in following the little chart on the bag. "Do you think he'd eat more if you gave it to him?" "Oh, I KNOW he would." "Well, let's try that, shall we?"



Will the misleading and outright FALSE advertising ever stop!

It's been shown, by scientific study, AGAIN AND AGAIN, that cats in particular benefit from low-carb CANNED food. I wasted two years feeding my obese cat 1/8 cup of "weight loss" dry food twice a day, and watching him lie by his food bowl and cry.. while he lost no weight.

Switched to low-carb canned food and not only did he started losing weight easily (I had to INCREASE his portions), my diabetic stopped needing insulin!

Makes my blood boil... I can only hope the class action lawsuit catches all these big companies for their spinning and lies.


Boy, I never thought my old buddy from vet school and The Lee Street Shop would slam my company. Seriously, how the heck are you Everett? I've recently retired (early at 55) moved to New Mexico and started blogging. www.scratchingsandsniffings.com Good to see you still have a wry sense of humor.


Finally, a pet food slogan I could wholly endorse: The less Purina Dog Chow you feed your dog, the longer he'll live! hehehe

Dig 'em!

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That doesn't make such good advertising copy, though, does it? Don't get me wrong: I think Purina makes good pet foods and is a reputable company. I don't think the ad is designed to get you to feed your dog less Purina Dog Chow, and that is what "...when properly fed" actually means in this context.

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