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July 25, 2007


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Liliam Rajoy

Why is my Sheltie reproducing deciduous teeth sat 2 years of age? At least that's what our Vet is saying...


Hello, Liliam,
It is possible that there is some failure to communicate here. Dogs don't grow a third set of teeth.

It is certainly possible that there were deciduous teeth that were never shed, and are still present, and causing problems. Sometimes the permanent tooth has failed to erupt, and that can cause a cyst in the bone. Sometimes both teeth have come in, and the baby tooth didn't shed. Then you have two teeth where there is only a place for one. The baby tooth should be extracted in cases like this.

Stacey Thon

My 10 month old goldendoodle had a deciduous upper canine that was scheduled to be extracted but came/broke off before the surgery. The vet says that I should have an xray to make sure the entire root came out as the tooth looks like it was broken off. He is in no pain and his gums look totally fine in that area. Wondering if this procedure is actually necessary as they will need to sedate him to get the xray? Can I just wait to deal with anything if/when it shows up?


Hello, Stacey,

Hard call. All the dental specialists say to get it out. Before I had better dental education and equipment, I broke off a number of them. The dogs didn't seem to have problems, but I really don't know how much discomfort it caused the dog over the course of its life to leave it in there.

I've seen plenty of horrible abscessed teeth where folks were unaware of the animal's pain until we extracted the tooth and the pet felt so much better afterward.

The dental guys say to get it out.

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