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July 06, 2007


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There is another test available currently available offered by MetaMorphix called the Canine Heritage Breed Test. Currently it can determine lineage from 38 breeds and I believe they are expanding that by the end of the year to up to 100. I understand that you only have to swab the cheek and no blood test is required so you can do it yourself (does anyone feel an episode of CSI coming on?). Link to info here http://www.metamorphixinc.com/products2a.html


PS. I am not employed by this company, we came across them in some research we were doing for my company.


This company's test is currently available, and the scientific background of the company is more impressive than the Snickers Bar people. Not to mention that they have been featured on the "Today Show" instead of "Good Morning America". Still, I think that this is more of an entertainment thing, rather than something that really contributes to the management of the pet's healthcare.

Hope W.

I believe there is also whatsmydog.com which is kind of funny to me.

Anyway, I'm not sure how I ran acroos your page, but I grew up in southest Mo. how weird is that? I miss it everyday. Nice writing. -Hope


Just for grins, I think I will send samples to all these companies from the same all-american mutt, and see if they all sift out the same answer. Maybe throw in a cat.


Mars used to have their very own horse trial a few years ago. It was a great event with Mars candy as part of prizes for those who placed in the top 8. Unfortunately it no longer is run, but Ms. Mars is still involved in the eventing community with her own farm, sponsoring horse trials, etc. I had no idea the company was also involved in the small animal industry. Interesting post! :)


I have a friend who works for Mars. Although they are more known for their candy, that's due to their privacy. They actually are deeply involved in petcare and have been involved in extensive research through the Waltham Center in the UK. I did this test myself and LOVED the results. I also did the cheek swab to compare, and found those results to be totally inaccurate.


Thanks for your input and perspective, and for reading and writing.

japanese chin

Well said..
I agree and am also against in using the term "mongrel" or "mutt" when people are pertaining about mixed breeds.

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