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March 16, 2008


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I had a rescue akita that got away from a new family and was on the run for about 3 months as well. Only we never saw her after two weeks. She turned up fatter than when she left (hunting cats we surmise) and had become friends with two chained dogs 4 towns over! Once the chained dogs owners could get close enough to her they read her tags and called rescue. (and collected our offered reward) Thankfully she still had the collar and tag on when she got loose. It took me about 45 minutes sitting with her new buddies before she would come close enough for me to catch her. I actually felt bad leading her away to the car she acted so unhappy to be caught. Her new owners decided they didn't want a dog that would run so she ended up in a new home with lots of fencing. Good luck with the Dane. Great dogs but to short lived for my tastes. Hopefully she won't feel the urge to run off again.

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