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April 02, 2008


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Recently my 14 year old Lab had 5 teeth extracted, at the time, we thought he only had one broken one--the big one he uses for chewing. We opted to try and save it (root canal if needed). Thankfully no root canal was needed. This poor dog must have been in pain!!! The next day, it was as if we had a puppy again. He is as happy as can be. Amazing what dental care will do! Now if only we had brushed his teeth to begin with--we might have spared ourselves the cost (he had to go to a specialist due to a heart murmur--$2500 for the whole shebang).


Hello, Allison,
Thanks for sharing your story. Sorry it took such big bucks for your buddy to get straightened out. It always makes me feel great to hear somebody say, "I have my dog back."

Thanks for reading and writing.

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Great post! Very informative. It is heartbreaking for parents to see their kids cry because of severe toothache…

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