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July 22, 2008


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Thanks for this-my friend and I were talking about the corn content in dog food might be the reason my dog has gained weight. I decided to get Hills Mature Adult for my 9-year-old Aussie who has always had weight problems, after the price of R/D went way up. I was thinking of switching to another brand but I think I'll stick with Hills.

Pam Marthinus

I was actually born and raised in Kennett Missouri, I was shocked when i typed in the search for information regarding eye out off socket and it connected me to this site!! I have a 3year old Black lab/sheppard mix who has been on the hills prescription diet for Renal disease and she now lives a healthy happy normal life I am so glad for the Vet actually selling this food in his office.


Hello, Pam,
I'm glad your dog is doing well on the diet. I have seen dog's lab values actually drop into the normal range with just a dietary change. Fortunately, most dogs accept the diet well. It is often more difficult to get cats to switch. And those old-timey cats whose kidneys are failing are often the most finicky.
Best wishes.

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