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August 13, 2008


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More manipulation from the company that already has my irritation meter running on high. This just sounds so much like cheesy discount store behavior, not behavior I expect from a professional prescription food company. I bet they don't have any big bags of the Advanced Protection Senior, do they? I still have not received an answer from them about why they discontinued this food if it was supposed to be so great for the senior dogs. Fortunately, my seniors are doing fine on the Wellness brand lamb, barley, and salmon formula.


First I will admit I really like your blog and am a regular reader.

I totally disagree with you about Science Diet though. The research I have done on dog foods just doesn't convince me that it is a quality food at all based in ingredients.

I also dislike that vets sell it. Isn't that a conflict of interest? I mean, my doctor doesn't sell food. (neither do nutritionists if you think about it) It also bothers me that there are nutrition classes in vet school that are sponsored by their company. How is that an unbiased opinion?

I never used it when I worked for a vet and got a discount and I didn't use it when my cat got a UTI either and it was recommended. (a little research put me on the right track of using cannned food with the higher water content my cat needed to solve his issue)

Now I'm not saying some pets wont do well on it. All animals are individuals. Just like some people can eat junk food all their lives and be healthy so can some pets. And I am certainly not an expert in animal nutrition. I am just not sold on Science diet from the stuff I have read.

Check out the book "Food pets die from" by Ann Martin. It is a great look into the pet food industry and it explains how to read pet food labels. And for the record I don't totally agree with her about raw diets either. But I like that she tells HOW she found her information on the pet food industry.

Just my two cents. Love the blog though. :-)


Ooops, that's "Food pets die for" , not from.


I prefer Nature's Variety Prairie, myself. More meat-based protein and whole ingredients, and less grain husks and by-product meal.

Most commerical dog foods I've seen at the vet's have not been all that high quality... I don't fault people for using cheapo food, but it rankles me a bit that animal doctors would endorse it over obviously higher grade products.


My cats have really enjoyed the hard food from Costco. It's grain free so it keeps them from getting sick. I swear that they have grain allergies. I've tried the Science Diet but I've found that it's been constipating them.....


Hello, Barbara,

There is no one diet that will be perfect for every cat.

Cats do require a meat-based protein source in their diet, but "grain free" has no particular virtue in and of itself.

If your cats like the food and are doing well on it, then it's a good food.

If they don't do well on it, it's not the right diet for them.

Do get a high quality brand name diet, don't worry too much about dietary fads. Look at your cat to see if the food is good for him.

If weight is maintained in a good condition, coat looks good, and cat has plenty of energy, then all is well.

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