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October 12, 2008


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We have a similar problem in human medicine practices. Parents have all manner and sizes of "teaspoons" in their kitchen, and do not always know that directions for a "teaspoon" of medicine refer to a particular size spoon. I have had parents bring in tablespoons, soup spoons, and even serving spoons to show me what they are using to dose medicine for the child. So, I tell the parents to get a medicine dropper at the pharmacy, usually only costs a dollar or two. I have found a medicine dropper or syringe (without the needle) more helpful in getting the medicine into my dogs and cats. (especially cats...they are terrible spoon-takers)


Perhaps I should clarify... when I said medicine dropper, I meant one of those specifically marked with both ml and teaspoon levels, not the eye dropper your client originally brought in. If the client asks the pharmacist, he/she will know what to sell.
Also, I have known veterinarians who hand out those non-needle syringes with liquid medicine for clients to measure the 5 ml.

Pet Store

Those are the right ones that's for sure. Great tips too. :D Thanks for sharing this.

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