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November 21, 2008


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Tried Feliway placed strategically in her anxiety zones?
Moving her litter box? Setting up a 'safe' room for her to retreat to in the daytime?

'Tricia McConnell, noted applied animal behaviorist, had a call in show on WPR(sadly recently canceled after 14 yrs) The archives can be accessed here; http://www.wpr.org/pets/listen.cfm
Many calls have been about "problem cats", or cat problems.


Hello, Giselle,

Thanks for your input. I discussed Feliway with the owner today.

There is apparently no aversion to the litterbox, which is cleaned daily. The inappropriate elimination only occurs once or twice monthly, suggesting that there is some other factor at work, rather than a problem with the litterbox and its location.

The "safe room" concept may be doable, but making sure that three small children never open the door could be a problem.

The owner is already asking about shelter placements.

I will peruse the resources you mentioned, as well as get input from the behavior specialists on Veterinary Information Network. I posted the case there before I blogged it.

Thanks for reading and writing.


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