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January 16, 2009


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Steven Moffet

You would seem to have horrible interpersonal skills. This is often attributed to vets in cliche, and you quickly and easily display the reason with your breezy lack of hesitation in relating how you berate your clients.
This may be hard to imagine - but getting a dog who is squinting to the vet (with the accompanying large bill) often becomes a lower priority compared with the expense and difficulty of caring for human family members.

Next time someone comes to you with a problem, instead of handing them snark along with their 400.00 bill - please consider that the world does not revolve around your practice and you don't know squat about the extenuating circumstances in the lives of people who come to you for help.


Hello, Steven,

The client's bill, including medicine to go home, was under $60.00.

I realize that people have pressing obligations in their lives, and that the dog often must take a lower priority.

I was not bragging about my lack of tact. I am ashamed of it. The point was how much the dog's condition spoke to me, to make me blurt out something so insensitive.

Try putting something in your own eye, and see if you don't think three weeks is a bit long to wait on it.

The point is to take an eye problem seriously sooner rather than later. Not only will there be more pain for the patient, but the eye may become unsalvageable. This would require removal of the globe. Not a $400 item in our practice, but a significantly larger undertaking than early treatment of the injury.

When people are willing to be straight with me, I am willing to work with them on finances. However, my job is to be here and be available and be ready and equipped to help the pet.

My job is not to be a lending agency.

I have to pay my people and my bills, even if I didn't pay myself. My practice is in a small town, low-income area. The overhead, not including any compensation for myself, is over $33K.

Owning a pet is a privilege which entails responsibilities. This is a fact of life, not my choice. My responsibility is to do my best to care for the pet. The owner's responsibility is to pay for it.

I am sorry that reading my blog has reinforced some embittering experience in your life.

I hope that things go better for you in the future.

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