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September 27, 2009


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Teri and the cats of Furrydance

Nice surprise, and nice to learn about the history of your home. Thanks for the journey.


It looks like a canna.

I'm not sure where you are exactly, but canna's aren't normally hardy anywhere with 'winter' in their vocabulary. They're one of those 'dig 'em up in the fall, keep them in the basement and replant them in the spring' type plants for most people.

My guess is that it was buried particularly deeply and next to the foundation which allowed it to survive, but maybe digging out the bush moved it closer to the surface, so it grew.

My point in sharing all this is that if you want it back next year, you should probably dig it up and store it.

Dog Car Seat

I'm in LA - no ice storms here. But originally from the mid west so I know how beautiful they can be.


That's great! To quote Ian in "Jurassic Park"-"Life will find a way". I love surprises in the garden-as long as it's not a weed or a snake. ;-)


"God, I hate being right all the time."


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