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October 23, 2009


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Teri and the Cats of Furrydance

Good post. I used Whelpwise once on a queen that had miscarried once before and found it extremely fascinating. Turns out she had low progesterone and treating that solved the problem, but it was amazing to see how the birthing process starts long before anything is visible from the outside.

I have a photo of that queen in her "outfit" and had hoped they'd put it on their website, but they never did...must be thinking with their dog brains, HaHaMeow.


Was it a planned breeding?

Most poorly bred bulldogs (of either type) are bred that way by unscrupulous breeders just looking to make a buck or two. Bulldog puppies are expensive due to the need for those c-sections. But there ARE some reputable bulldog breeders out there doing health testing to prevent problems and there are some who do free whelping too.

Until people STOP buying from bad breeders those breeders will continue to churn out poorly bred dogs. (of ALL breeds)

If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

With all the info on there about finding a reputable breeder there is really no excuse for supporting those breeders anymore, is there?

(Still love your site. Sorry about the rant.)


Hello, Marie,

Yes, it was a planned breeding. They just got their record-keeping fouled up a little. They have raised and sold several litters with no difficulties (other than this obvious hurdle).

Thanks for reading and writing.


I have Chinese Crested dogs, so I am no stranger to weird-looking dogs. However, the Cresteds are not unsound dogs. They are generally healthy, sturdy little dogs. I was hoping when I read you post that you might comment on the sad way some of these breeds have been manipulated. Why continue these lines of dogs that cannot breed naturally, cannot breath well, or have so many health problems - Cavaliers for example.


Hello, Susan,

I'll have to re-read my post on "Weird-looking Dogs" (did you follow the link?), because I thought I had spoken to that earlier.

I do agree that an unusual appearance is not necessarily unsound. On the other hand,generally speaking, manipulating a breed until it is almost unrecognizable (versus the wolf prototype) dooms every one of them to a tough life: Cocker Spaniels with their ear and skin problems, brachycephalic dogs with their breathing problems and buggy eyes (perpetually dry and easily injured). and so forth.

Yeah, it's creepy.

Thanks for reading and writing.

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