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January 20, 2010


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Teri and the cats of Furrydance

I know this surgery does sound gruesome to clients, even to me, but they do do surprisingly well, don't they.

I have always wondered what the "false joint" looks like and can't remember if we have ever re-xrayed a pet say a year later to see what it looks like--I am sure we have, I just don't remember what it looked like.

So, your second picture is a big help.


Our first dog was HBC and after the first vet I took her to did the same as Paddy's vet, except without the painkilling drugs, I had the surgery done by someone else. She got around great (she ran and jumped and pulled like a lead sled dog) for 13 1/2 more years, she always walked just the tiniest bit sideways - like a unibody out of alignment. We, of course, thought this made her extra special.


I hope Paddy lets us know what happens!


i have a blue hearler that dilocated hip has been out for about 4week can i put it back in my self ? vet wanted 600.00 to just put back in


Hello, Inez,

Even when the injury is fresh and the patient is completely anesthetized, replacing the hip is a difficult process.

I do not believe it would be possible for even a skilled doctor to replace the hip in a conscious dog. The muscles spasm and stretching them to that extent would as painful as dislocating the hip in the first place.

Having had several shoulder dislocations, I can tell you that it is very painful indeed.

After four weeks, it is unlikely that the hip would stay in place without some surgery to hold it there.

If your dog does not form a "false joint" and learn to walk on the limb (50/50 chance), then your best bet will probably be surgery to remove the "ball" of the ball-and-socket. This stops the pain of bone-on-bone.

Sorry that I don't have a simple answer for you.

An orthopedic surgery specialist would be your best bet, but that will run a lot more than $600, probably more like $2,000.

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