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February 19, 2010


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In a funny sort of way, I almost do like waiting in the circumstances you described. I get some comfort out of seeing the doctor take the truly sick or injured patients for care immediately, knowing my pets will get similar care when we have urgent things. Although it is convenient when appointments happen as scheduled, it is comforting to know somebody has compassion for the urgent things.


I hope nobody was complaining about the wait, if everyone understands that the sickies get seen before the "okay" ones. And it's good that not every day is like that, where you must feel like you're in an anthropomorphic episode of "M*A*S*H".

H. Houlahan

All I ever ask is the acknowledgment that my time is valuable, a genuine emergency that triages ahead of my own animal's needs, and updates as possible.

I unfailingly get that at my regular vet. Never at the "emergency" vet. And never from an airline.

Guess who gets Christmas cookies and fresh eggs?


Awww... So nice to hear this from the other perspective.

No, we don't like it. But just knowing that you care whether we do or not makes a huge difference.

I'd come to you just for that!

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