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July 26, 2010


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Teri and the cats of Furrydance

People have such a fear of extractions...I am not sure why as many of them aren't very proactive about their own dental care!

I just had an almost full mouth extraction with one of my senior cats, done in 2 separate procedures about 6 weeks apart, so we lessened the risk of fracturing the jaw as all 4 K-9's had to come out.

This kitty now weighs more than he ever has, by 12 oz, and he is so much happier and comfortable.


Spot broke his canines over the years because he loves to put his Almost Indestructible Ball in his mouth and carry it a few feet/across the yard and then pry it out of his mouth. The first time our vet saw his teeth, he asked if Spot had been chewing rocks. The broken teeth don't seem to be causing him any pain, our vet checks them when we visit. I'd probably have a tooth pulled if it was causing any problems.

Animals Away

We should take care of our pets dental care as we do our own, unfortunately many don't understand this concept.

dental consulting

It would be a very good idea to take your dog to the vet. Better to have an expert take that tooth out and treat it afterwards.

Cat food

As they age, most cats will experience dental problems, ranging from broken teeth and inflamed gums to periodontal disease and cavities. An examination by your veterinarian is the only sure-fire way to know if your cat has dental issues. There are, however, things that cat owners can do to help care for their cat's teeth.

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