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December 05, 2010


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Darlene Girard

hey Doc, I 'm glad to see you are healing up .. that was weird, no previous injury and all.Thank goodness, it didnt end up being a necrotizing fasciitis. Just thought I'd drop you a note to say how my Nov went .I dropped a pot of Boiling water off the stove, onto my right foot last month.. Ho yes it hurt. 2nd degree burns all over my right "good" foot [ the left leg being previously paralyzed]. by the time I got the sock off the skin was changing, peeling and blistering. I had one blister that was the size of a Toad, a large toad, I even named it. 'Jello' cause it wiggled whenever I tried walking. I live alone, and that made everything a lot harder. People dont realize how lucky they are, when they have a helper living with them. It was a long 5 weeks waiting for my foot to heal up.. still have some scabs clearing up on it.. its certainly is a timely reminder of how us normal people take our health for granted. I'm glad you didnt lose your arm. BTW.. the dog spleen story.. very entertaining.. love the photo [ick].. Regards and Joyeux Noel


Hello, Darlene,

I hope you continue to mend. Burns and crushing injuries are the worst. You'd have been better off to drop a meat cleaver on your foot, I guess. That doesn't sound so hot, either, though.

When I was a kid, my father upset his boiling hot tea into his lap. He was wearing only thin cotton pajamas at breakfast. He didn't wear them long. Pretty weird to see your dad come out of his pants buck-nekkid at breakfast.

My finger still looks like I stole it from the Frankenstein monster, but getting better all the time.

Thanks for your concern, and for reading and writing.


Oh dear, I hope your hand heals soon!


Hi, I seem to have the same issue- just wondering if you figured out the cause. Would love an update on your finger. Mine itched then grew and now is purple. I also have trigger finger on sand finger. I have had itchy bump before 3 other times but never had it so big and last so long and turn purple. Desperate for answers. No injury so I don’t think burst vessel. Thanks!


Hello, Lorraine.
I never had a clue as to what caused it. Getting the full-coverage weight-lifting gloves was a precaution.

Full recovery, no recurrence. There are two scars where the finger was opened for drainage, but you'd have to know they were there to look for them.

If I were really lucky, it wouldn't have happened. As it is, I feel fortunate to have no residual damage. I went back and re-read the post. I had forgotten how bad it looked, even though I remember the "hot dog with rubber bands around it" thing.

I hope you heal as well.

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