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March 09, 2011


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Hope she heals up quickly. It's great that you could help her.

phillip banzet

my dog just ran into the end of my trailer. When he hit the same injury that i see her accrued. What they did was nothing to the fracture. The said in time it will heal. I'm not happy with that.


Hello, Phillip,

It is difficult for me to comment on your dog's injury. If there is a crack without a "floating" fragment then it is very likely to heal without intervention.

I can understand your concern, but there is no advantage to putting your dog through a surgery when it is likely to heal on its own.

Since you are unhappy with what they have told you, I would ask for a more detailed explanation of is going on the injury and what they expect to happen during the healing process. That way you will know if things are not going according to plan.

Alternatively, you could seek a second opinion from another doctor. I don't think it will be possible for anyone to give you good advice without seeing the dog.

Good luck.

Sarah lewis

My dog reciently got hit in the head by a moose hoof. they said he fractured his sinus bone because everytime he breaths out of his nose his forehead will puff like a balloon as well. i opted out of an xray only because they said if it is fractured they cant do anything for him. so i have taken him home and he seems to be doing ok. they did give me anti inflamatories and antibiotics so i am just curious if i have done the right thing in just letting time heal the fracture or do you think i should have spent the time and money to get an xray?


Hello, Sarah,

I think in this case the best thing to do will be to monitor the dog's progress closely. I would suggest making regular recheck appointments with your veterinarian, say every 2 weeks for a while.

If you see anything that seems to be worse today than yesterday, then I would let your veterinarian know right away.

This may do fine, but you should be alert for complications.

Marian Sewade

My 12 week old yorkie Jack mix got bir by a lab with fraxture to the sinus lobe. Bone has come out throygh the skin. One piece about 3/4 in long by 1/2 in wide. Then the mext morning a larger piece was pushing its way out. He lost that piece of frontal lobe as well. Puppy is playing, eating and drinking well. Playing wirh mom normally. The holes wheere the sinus bone came out have healed. Took him to vet who had no idea how to fix it so sent us home on antibiotics. He is still acting normally for a puppy. This has taken three weeks to heal. I know he has a hole where the bone came out so not letting him out till course of anribiotics is done. What will tje long ladting effects be. Will the bone grow back. He is now 15 weeks old.


Hello, Marian,

If the infection is handled, then I would expect your puppy to lead a normal life. If there are large chunks of bone missing, it is not likely that a big hole will fill in, the way that a crack would. However, I think he is very likely to have normal function for the most part.

Thomas mcknoulty

My staffie has been smashed on his nose to get him to let go of other people’s dogs now he breaths Hervey and has a large lump on his nose will he be ok I had a stroke and others couldn’t get him to let go of their dogs I’m not happy and I feel responsible I wasn’t there for him I’m very worried


Hello, Thomas,

It's hard to say without seeing the dog or taking an X-ray. I'd say there's a good chance it is just swelling from bruising. We call it a hematoma (blood-filled swelling), but when I was a kid we called it a "pump knot". If so, it will probably get better in a few days. If it is just the first day, I'd put a cold compress on it for 20 minutes, three times daily. If a couple of days old, use a warm compress instead, same schedule.


my 7 wk old pit bull puppy got bit by a neighbors dog his tooth went through her nose fractured her bone and has left a hole every time she breathes air comes through the hole in her nose along with blood and her face is swollen we took her to the vet but we cant afford the $900 vet bill to get her surgery i just don't know what else to do.....i feel so hopeless that i cant help her


Hello, Leah,

With a dog that young, you have a better chance of healing if you can control infection. I have been amazed at what recoveries I have seen.

Talk to the doctor about a course of antibiotic therapy (like clindamycin) and good nursing care (and pain meds, too).


My dog, Russell, was hit by a car. I was not with my family when they took Russell to the emergency room. He was delirious, had a bloody nose, and a puncture wound on his head. My family said the vet said it was just a concussion and no X-ray was necessary. They gave him some anti-inflammatory meds and went home the next day. I finally had the opportunity to inspect him closely as he was sleeping. After searching online of the anatomy of the dogs sinuses I have concluded it’s a puncture wound through his “frontal sinus” and possible fracture? causing air to come out every time he exhales. It is like a second breathing hole right through his frontal sinus. Palpated directly on it and it was crepitus. Is this something that heals overtime or does it need to be addressed once again? Thanks


Hello, Sam,

That does sound like a crack into the frontal sinus. I've seen that go both ways, healing spontaneously, and needing surgery. So, I can't really answer your question at this point. I think it would be okay to give him some time.


My dog got bit by another dog in the face area right next to her eye and when she breathes her forehead puffs up like ballon took to get they cleaned her up and gave her antibiotics but couldn't tell me was wrong with her and suggested I take her to a larger hospital what should I do


Hello, Ozzie,

It is difficult for me to tell you what to do here. It does sound like the sinus has been punctured. If there are bone fragments in there, they need to be removed.

I would ask the doctors who suggested a larger hospital who them recommend and get the dog evaluated there.


My hunting beagle Marley got hit by car today. I brought her to the vet and there is a hole with missing bone and a crack in the middle of her skull approximately an inch above her eyes. Vet said it’s recommended to have surgery to find and remove the bone. If the bone is left, what would happen.


Hello, Nate,

The concern is that the bone fragment, having lost its connection to its blood supply, will die. The dead piece of bone then acts as a foreign object, and the body tries to reject it. It would be like having a piece of wood stuck in there. Could get pretty nasty.

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