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March 24, 2011


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I guess it would have been an easier fix back when it was the size of a marble, right?


You bet!

Elizabeth & The Lab Crew

18 months ago my male Lab had a cancerous tumour removed from his hock. It was walnut sized and in order to get clear margins the skin closure was not very good at all. Lots of dressing changes and vet visits, it took 8 weeks to heal but the cancer has not returned.. Good luck!!


This was very helpful information. We are going through a similar issue with our hound dog. Except we waited for it to get big enough she is really bothered and limping a bit. But we are taking her to the vet first thing. So as you can see we are doing our research. So thank you so much for sharing.


Thanks for reading and writing.


I agree with that decision. If it was a case where the tumor wasn't growing, I probably would not be too concerned about it. However a tumor that keeps growing like that is problematic.

It is likely to develop into a hindrance to the dog, which after a while may cut down on some of its activities-scratching etc- because it doesn't want to bruise the skin.

As you mentioned, it is also better to do something like that sooner, rather than later when complications may develop.

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