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August 06, 2012


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I have 10 year old golden chow named Lucy. We live in Montreal so it gets cold in the winter. Lucy has many allergies including all heating systems. For her general allergies we have had a customized vaccine made which must be administered every 2 weeks. In the winter this must be supplemented with Atopica. It is a bit costly but Lucy is a fantastic companion.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I should have mentioned Atopica. We think it is a great drug, but use it in only a few patients, due to the expense.

The allergy hyposensitization vaccine is a really good tool, but we do like to rule out food allergies before going to the expense and trouble of using it.

Thanks for reading and writing.


Poor dog ... My question is if you've tried everything that's mentioned here and nothing works for your dog, do you just give up or continue to research more natural methods as well as traditional dog medication? Also, could your house or some other items within the environment be why the dogs symptoms continue to stay? Good luck ...


Hello I've tried so hard to email you however they just keep coming back to me this is my problem my 9 year old Dalmatian who has been in perfect health howelled as if he was in the worst pain I came running back to him and he was seizing on his bed he then howelled again and that was it he was gone just like that , it was extremly hard as I am a single mother on the transplant waiting list myself and here my boys Dalmatian passes and we have no answers . Please what could have happened ? His eyes wouldn't close he always Howells if there's a fire truck but this time was different he was in severe pain , please help me and my boys lay him to rest .


Hello, Vanessa,

These cases are so frustrating. Sometimes even with a complete post-mortem exam and pathologist's exam we can't be sure.

With this starting as a seizure, the top of my list would be some sort of vascular event in the brain. By vascular event, I mean something that affected the blood vessels. We are talking about things like a stroke (stopped up blood vessel in the brain), aneurysm (a weakened blood vessel that swells out like a "bubble" on a tire and breaks), or a brain tumor damaging the circulation.

These are not very common in dogs, as dogs don't commonly have high blood pressure, and they don't have cholesterol problems.

You couldn't really diagnose something like this before it happened, as it would take an MRI. Nobody has an MRI as part of their regular checkup.

I am sorry for your loss. This was nothing that you did or didn't do.

The Pet Lovers Magazine

The allergen could possibly in the food or in the environment. This is very frustrating indeed.. Anyway, thanks for posting this topic which is very informative to anyone..


Dog's can itch for a number of reasons. It helps to find out what is causing it as quickly as possible. It cuts down on the amount of aggravation that both they and their people go through.

I don't think any one wants to be struggling with itching as a result of fleas or mites. Over the counter products are pretty effective in keeping this under control and it's much easier to manage this type of allergen.


Hello, Cassandra,

I don't find that OTC preparations are particularly helpful with mange mites.

No matter what type of flea control products you select, or where you purchase them, you need to understand the flea life cycle, and use the products within their limitations.

A consultation with the veterinarian should not only establish the diagnosis, but also give you the information to allow you to control your problem, regardless of where you purchase products.

When a client purchases parasite control products from me, they know that I have products that work, that I will help them to use the products effectively, and that if they are having trouble, I will do more than give them their money back. I will work until their problem is solved.

Too often, the pet-owner is extremely frustrated because they do not have enough understanding of the big picture to get the job done. When they go back to Wal-Mart, they can get their money back, but they still have their problem.

People don't want their money back. They want their problem solved, and that is my job.

Andre Joe

I have problems with my dog in the past where my dog have allergy on certain dog food. First i don't care much on the itchy problem. But, it makes my dogs so sick, until he almost die. Thank God i could manage to save him.

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