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December 12, 2012


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hi dr, i just wanna ask u some questions plz....i ve just bought a male dog, whose owner told me that the dog is 1 year and 2 months old....how can i confirm that the dog is that age....at least to know if he is less than 2 years or not?
another question....i bought a female dog 1 month ago....she's 1 year old, but thin....i gave her the deworming tablets from 2 weeks ago....and i'm giving her lots of food for the last month...but she's not gaining wait....just her leg muscles are build up better ...i need to know how to increase her weight fast..thanks


Hello, Raef,

Once the dog has all permanent teeth erupted and quits growing, there are no purely objective criteria for accurately determining the age. We make a subjective determination instead. In other words, we have seen many dogs whose ages we know. We compare what we see in the dog in front of us to those dogs we have seen in the past. This is what we have to base our judgment of age upon.

In regard to the dog that is not gaining weight, I would recommend that you have your veterinarian check her out to see if there are other medical problems. He/she can also check the dog's poop under the microscope. Most worms do not pass out for you to see them. Instead, they lay microscopic eggs that come out in the feces. This is how the worms are spread from one dog to another.

By examining the stool under the microscope for parasite eggs, you can see if the dog has worms, AND what kind.

There is no one de-worming drug that kills all the different kinds of worms that a dog can have. You need to use the right medicine, and use it on the right schedule, or the dog stays wormy.

In addition to handling medical problems, you might try feeding a good, high-quality name-brand puppy food. Puppy food has more nutrition in the same size bowl than the regular adult dog food (even from the same manufacturer).

Thanks for reading and writing.

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