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March 01, 2013


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Thanks for the great information! Some new dog owners might be unsure of how to train their dog properly (and effectively) without having to hire a trainer. You definitely gave simple and precise directions that are super helpful. Thanks for that!

The jumping-up greeting can definitely get annoying fast. If the behavior is not changed it can result in loss of visitors to your home or even friends for many reasons. Nice to know that our dogs can be trained not to do so at any age.


This is a great post! Though I don't have any dogs myself, I am a frequent dog sitter and I constantly have issues with dogs wanting to jump up on me as a greeting. I will try getting them to sit and reward them for it--if only I could make sure their owners encourage similar good habits. Ah well.

Chris Loverseed

Super Puppy is great. but I would still recommend that any new dog owner gets a professional trainer in to give them some guidance on training their dog. It's a small price to pay to avoid any potential issues that can develop with poorly-trained dogs.

Dogs Lover

The need of a trainer of new pups is pretty important. Train them right from the start!

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