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March 08, 2013


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frieda  rosell

my cat likes strat from the broom. she also gets a piece stuck in the bck of her mouth. One side starts to swell. now I have to lace the abcess. besides anitbiotics what else will she need.


Hello, Frieda,

Lancing the abscess can be pretty tricky without sedation. I would hate to have to try it in an awake cat's mouth area. It would be easy to hurt the cat or get hurt yourself in the process.

Once the abscess is open and drained, I like to flush them with saline solution until it is running clear, no visible pus. This would also be difficult with most cats when awake, though it is less painful by far than squeezing the area, which I do NOT recommend doing, especially in an awake cat. Squeezing is super painful, and may further damage the tissue.

Antibiotics should speed the healing, provided one is chosen that is effective against the bacteria present.

Something that is usually well tolerated is to put warm compresses on the area for 10 to 15 minutes three times daily. I like to use a pan of water as warm as I can stand to keep my hand in it. I wring out a small towel and use it to put moist heat on the area. This stimulates circulation, and speeds healing. It also cleans the area.

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