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April 19, 2013


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The thought to use advil would never cross my mind. Kind of scary to think so.

Afton Christine

My sister had a prize winning stud dog that was given ibuprofen by a kind-hearted dogsitter. He had no idea that the ibuprofen could have killed the dog. Fortunately my sister had the know-how to get him into the vet who immediately hospitalized him. Thanks for posting this. Hopefully it will help owners understand what they can and cannot give their animals.


Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad things worked out okay. Thanks for reading and writing.


Hello our daughter was given a dog by her bio mother but not told till our daughters dog got pregnet that she has a broken hip from an injury that happened as a puppy she is over a yr old now. we have offered to help. But the bio mother we know does not have the money to care for her in her need. And our daughter as we do as well fear the bio mother will eather harm both the mom dog and or pups not haveing the money to get her help our daughter is 12 and frears her baby cloie will die if she has the puppys. As her bio mother has been telling her what can we do to help our daughter to make the right choices before its to late.


Hello Dominica,

A hip injury wouldn't affect the birth canal. A pelvic fracture definitely can affect the birth canal, making it impossible for the dog to deliver naturally.

If the birth canal is deformed, then the dog will need a C-section to deliver the puppies surgically.

Alternatively, a hysterectomy could be performed, removing uterus, puppies and all. If done in the first four weeks of pregnancy, it's not tough on the mom (obviously the puppies don't live). If done in the second 5 weeks of pregnancy, it becomes more problematic the longer you wait.

I have spayed (removed the uterus) on pregnant dogs that were near term. This is a little iffy. The patient needs to be on I.V. fluids because you are removing so much tissue. Even if you don't spill one drop of blood, a lot of it gets removed with that big pregnant uterus.

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