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February 02, 2015


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Claire Veitch


This is unrelated to your post I am afraid. But would be keen to hear what you think. I have a 2 yr old King Charles who has subliminal patellas on both sides but worse on the left. Can't recall the grade. But will prob need surgery in next couple of years. No pain or difficulties at all. Until last week when running down stairs she suddenly yelped and was holding her right back leg up and out, she was ankle to weight bear quite quickly - 30 mins and then back to normal. It happened again 5 days after that again running down stairs, weight bearing even more quickly that time 2 mins. and again tonight, when she landed from jumping off bed. She allows you to touch and examine the leg and doesn't seem sore to touch. Vet examined her yesterday and felt perhaps she was reluctant to stretch right hip out but not really sure. Prescribed logic am for 5 days and she is due to have X-rays on Monday for the patellas anyhow, so might do a hip X-ray. She is walking as normal etc. eating and drinking. Would you have any idea what could be causing such episodic acute pain when going down stairs and then landing. Would appreciate any advice.

Claire Veitch

Sorry I mean subluxed patellas


Hello, Claire,

My best guess is that the patella is popping out of place and sticking there for a bit. You could test this by seeing if it gets better when you pop it back in.

The next time it happens, straighten the hind leg as straight as you can get it. This shortens the distance that the patellar ligaments have to travel and it generally slides back into place.


Poor baby! Glad he's getting better quickly

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