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December 18, 2016


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thank you for HELPING Jude...


Thanks for your kind words. It was a pleasure.

Angela VonRuden

What a blessing you are to so many families and to these precious souls that need the love and care you always find to give! You are a blessing to our area for sure! Thanks for all
U do!


Hello, Angela,
Thank you for your very kind words. I don't think I deserve a halo, though.


So sad looking at the pictures but thank you so much for helping Jude. It's encouraging and inspiring to know that there are still kind hearted and genuine people out there who are willing to help with no strings attached.


Hello, Leigh,
The outpouring of support for this dog was truly incredible.

He is doing well now in his new home.

Mahabub Hassan

That's very sad story.


Wow, it makes me sad inside and outside to look at these pictures. Jude is truly a blessing. I'm glad to read your latest comment saying that he is doing well in a new home, I am so relieved!


Hello, Kelly,
Thanks for reading and writing.


I've followed Jude's story from the day he showed up at the vet. It was amazing to see all the love and help he received. Thank you to all of the staff and everyone that helped this sweet boy. Does he have a furever home yet? Hugs to you all!❤


Jude has been adopted and was doing great at last report.


This makes me so sad. I really can't imagine... but you are truly so kind to help Jude.


Hello, Paul,
Thanks for your kind words, but I was just doing my job. Thanks to the generosity of many animal-lovers, my expenses were covered.

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