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June 14, 2017


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Leah Mobley

Awesome and well deserved <3


Nobody deserves that much sugar. They taste good, but are dangerous.


It's wonderful to hear that Oliver is doing well again. Looks like the surgery wasn't the only thing that required precision if they've got cookies with that much amazing detail!


I would probably be better off if the owner had brought me a pot of beans and ham, but it wouldn't have been as decorative.


Great story. Would love to know how Oliver is doing now. Any updates?


Hello, Barbara,
He's doing great.


Hello (:

This may not be the best place to leave this, but I couldn't find anything better. As an aspiring veterinarian I just want to thank you for maintaining this blog. It's been a fantastic resource for me.


Hello, Morgan,
Thanks for the kind words.

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