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May 14, 2019


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Leah Fortner

Thanks for sharing this, Dr. Mobley ❤️👍

Keith Ivie

Great story Everett.

Todd Nettleton

This is Todd Nettleton. Thank you so much for this! It really means a lot to see these pictures and read this story, from someone that has lived their entire life in Hayti and the fact that Butch was actually my earliest memory. Thanks again for finding these and thanks to Leah for asking about them for me!

K Hamlet

Loved hearing this story! Vee was a great family friend & a man with a heart ❤️ of gold. Vee was truthfully not appreciated or praised enough by the citizens of Hayti. Oh, what I would only give to be able to sit out at the park & talk with him again! So knowledgeable & such a special caring man...😥

Phyllis Smith Dambach

I remember Butch, Susie, and the monkeys. We lived in Hayti until I was in the sixth grade and went to church on the corner across from the park and cemetery. Back then we had no air conditioning in the church so windows were raised. We often times heard Butch roaring during service! The church was converted to a home years later. When we tell of the “zoo,” I am usually given skeptical looks so thanks for verifying another part of my childhood!

Tina Holland Clevenger

Thank you for this my grandfather was a very speacil man. An interesting fact or two I would like to share Mack the monkey was given to my grandfather not the zoo he arrived at the park in a sailor suit and diaper. When the zoo was closed he finished his days in my grandparents back yard. Also the packing company that supplied the food for butch was Pemiscot Packing owned by Wayne myracle not sure of spelling my father Wayne Holland worked on Mr.Myracles big trucks also Crossed Big Star in Hayti donated almost all the rest of the food for animals. I'm very proud to be his grandchild Thankyou again. Tina Holland Clevenger

Rhonda Beck

I remember when I was 6 yrs old going to the park all the time and seeing all the animals. I was in aww, and spent many hours there. I lived on the south end of town and could hear Butch roaring. Butch was always a huge attraction when the city would host the 4th of July activities each year. Thank you so much for bringing a piece of my childhood back to the surface of being a kid from Haiti MO.

Karen Barkovitz Hunt

Thank you for Blessing us with this! I grew up blocks away from Butch in the Reed Addition. His daily roar was my alarm clock. These pictures are precious to those of us who knew him! I never knew what happened to him & had always wondered. Thank you for this closure.

Margie Brown

I for one[as a child] had the privilege of visiting with Butch the lion,Susie,the bear,and later with the monkeys,Max and Mable. Also the beautiful view of those gourges peacocks. Yes,Hati had a great zoo years ago.Loved spending time there,then.

Terry Carnell

Yes I remember my name is Terry Carnell and yes you could hear him all over town it was awesome and sad the day you come no longer hear him I love this story thanks for sharing I sure miss the good olé days

Mary Ann Hensley

When I was young my Aunt used to take us to the zoo once or twice a month. We had fun going to see Butch and Susie I am glad I had the chance to be apart of the Hayti zoo memories.

Marie Williams

I often walked to the park,with my sister's and brothers. We always visited the animals,though it was a small zoo ,in this small zoo there was a small monkey,I would always race to the fence cage, looking for the monkey.I wanted to feed the monkey.at some point I believe it became my friend and look for me all the same. My memory of Hayti Zoo.

George Merrell IV

My mother took me to the park the day they brought Butch to Hayti. He was the size of a large dog. He arrived in the back of a truck like FedEx. Martin Ray was the person I remember handling Butch with Mr. Holland. I remember being amazed that Martin would get in the cage with Butch. Hearing Butch roar was just part of living in Hayti. The zoo was a great novelty. There was a sign stating the zoo in Hayti was the only one between St. Louis and Memphis.

Stella Olive

I remember visiting my family, the Plunkett family, and I got to hear Butch roar. Good memories.

Linda Williamson

I too remember the Hayti Zoo and I want to thank you for sharing the information on Butch. Our school, R-3 McCarty was visiting the zoo the first time I heard a lion roar. Fifty years later every time I hear a lion roar I think of Butch.

J.D. Braswell

In the 50's and 60's my wife's Uncle Bob Sherwood cared for the lion and bear at the North Park Hayti zoo. My father in law E.A. Sherwood would have us drive by and visit Bob's lion. Sweet memories.

Lisa Frey

That was such a good story Dr Mobley.


Thanks for saying so, Lisa.

James Alexander

One of the very best memories I have of growing up in Hayti; Butch the Lion....his roar will be heard no more....

Sheila Brewer Keene

I remember going to the park, in Hayti, Missouri, as a little girl. I remember Butch, the lion. I, also, took my daughter and son down there...but, by the time they came along, there was very few animals left there. If I remember, correctly, Butch is buried there and has a tombstone.

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